Employee Engagement

Programs for Employee Engagement

Every organization has specific needs to consider when designing improvement strategies for employee engagement. A good place to begin your improvement planning is with a review of results of engagement assessments conducted over the past few years. The programs listed will be customized to your specific situation. Once you know which the areas of focus, each program is designed to be offered via training workshops and or leadership presentations.

The following are brief descriptions of our programs that may fit your needs:

Engagement Assessment

Offered through an organization-wide employee survey or focus groups and interviews, this provides for the identification of strengths and improvement areas. The key to any employee or customer survey is the approach taken for results communication and improvement area selection across the organization – getting the results is the start of the process!

Effective Meeting Skills

The use of an effective and consistent approach to running meetings across the organization will improve overall engagement and additionally reduce wasted time. Learn a simple and effective process for running and participating in meetings at all levels of the organization.


                Employees need to know that their good efforts are not going unnoticed. If your results are low in this area, have your leaders learn about the fundamentals for good recognition. No need for an expensive program design – simply create the culture where good work is recognized quickly, sincerely and linked to the values and goals of the organization.

Survey Results Improvement Work

                You have completed an employee survey and the results are in – now what do you do? This is the most important aspect of seeking input from your employees – the actions you take once the results are in! Through workshops, presentations or individual meetings, have your leaders learn and apply a simple and consistent process for identifying key improvement areas and planning for action. Through this process, staff at all levels should be involved and as a result they will become more engaged .

Effective Problem Solving

                Use this step by step process to ensure the development of the best solution so that employees at all levels feel they are part of the result. Ensure that you do not jump to the solutions without finding the root causes(s) through a collective process rather than one decided on by a few or one.

Programs for Customer Satisfaction Management

                Excellent organizations recognize the correlation of highly engaged employees with the satisfaction of their customers. A balance of employee engagement and customer satisfaction systems and training is required. Here are some examples and brief descriptions of key customer satisfaction programs: