Customer Satisfaction Management

Customer Surveys 101

Train key staff on how to design and conduct a customer satisfaction survey for your key services, including results reporting and action planning for improvement. Using a step by step process, learn how to design the survey with the correct questions and response scales, all based on the key requirements of your customers.

Specific Service Customer Survey

If you don’t have the time or staff to conduct your own survey let us do the work for you. The most effective method is to identify one key service for review and design a satisfaction survey for that service. The survey can then be repeated on an appropriate schedule to monitor improvements and trends. Results are presented and include recommendations for action, where appropriate. We will also lead your action planning approach with your staff, if needed.

Customer Service Systems Assessment

Through a thorough review of your current customer service systems and the people involved, we will provide recommendations for improvement and note existing areas of strength. Mystery ‘shopping’, focus groups (employees and customers), interviews, data review, and other methods are used to review practices in place and identify gaps.