About Us

Balancing Performance
Rick Dominico, CEO
After graduating from the University of Waterloo (BSc Honours Kinesiology), Rick experienced the fitness club industry first hand, working at and running fitness clubs for over 12 years. During the next 7 years he developed his leadership skills in a senior municipal recreation department role. During both periods he was a Director with the Ontario Association of Exercise Sciences, assisting the association with fitness certification and accreditation related to fitness assessment and club safety. The latter half of his career has been spent in a senior leadership role as the champion for applying the National Quality Institute’s Excellence Framework in a large public sector organization. He now welcomes the opportunity to help others in their pursuit of excellence.
With Balancing Performance, Rick would like to help others with key components of excellence in the workplace, including their approach with customer satisfaction management and internally with employee engagement. As well, he continues to offer fitness appraisal and rehabilitation equipment to professionals across Canada and internationally. Descriptions of equipment, programs and services offered can be found in this web site.